Notice the initial call, then notice the assistance from a partner to help correct to a shooting foul.  Nice job.


This is a tough look on a travel.  I believe the Center had a really good look and didn't have a whistle.


Once the stop sign in presented.  There is no other option but to give the coach a technical foul for his continued unrest.


This is a tough play.  The foul call needs to come from Trail going to Lead. So make sure when you are running the court, please run with heard looking over shoulders. Remember top of circle to top of circle, the Center can assist.


Cherokee player in the black Jersey, catches the ball and then switches his pivot foot before he is fouled.  Always determine the pivot foot on each play.


This play is showing a player who attempts to dunk a rebound, once missed he is still hanging on the rim and touches the ball.  Ruling: Technical Foul


Please make sure if you call a 5 second or 10 second violation, make sure your count shows the same.



In this clip, the ball is blocked and comes loose, the offensive player catches the ball, lands, and prepares to shoot.   Remember the key to this play,  the ball comes loose.  Again, this is nothing, play on.


This play shows a spot violation after an illegal screen. But don't be confused with the legality of this same play after a made basket.

Both feet are on the 3 point line when the ball is released.  This shot was marked as a 3 pointer.  If the ball would have gone in, procedure is to kill the play immediately and change the goal to a two pointer.


For a jump ball to occur, we must prevent the release of the ball and the player while in control of the ball returns to the floor.   This play is probably just an out of bounds with white retaining possession.


This is an immediate Technical foul on #25 White & #3 Black.  We cannot allow this behavior to occur.


This play is not a jump ball. Its also not a travel.
The defender blocks the ball and it comes loose. The offensive player catches the ball and comes to the floor. This is nothing, play on.